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NJ Teacher Smackdown

May 27th, 2010 No comments

In a townhall meeting with NJ Governor Christie, a teacher whined that, “You’re not compensating me for my education, and you’re not compensating me for my experience.” His response was simply sublime: “You know what? Then you don’t have to do it.”

Ma’am, step away from the left and join us in the real world.

You see, out here in the real world, we don’t get automatic pay increases based on the number of years we’ve worked, how many degrees we hold, or the number of initials and acronyms that follow our names. We get paid based on two things: perceived value and scarcity of skill. Until there are more teacher openings than applicants, the law of supply-and-demand is going to hold your salary down. And until the taxpayers believe you are providing something of increased value, they aren’t going to pony up more of their hard-earned cash.

Like those of us in the real world, you—along with the rest of us who haven’t had pay raises in years—have two basic options: find a higher-paying career, or quit whining and be thankful that in an economy running 10% unemployment you still have a job. Me? I live here in the real world. I choose the latter.

Oh, Great: “New” National Security Strategy

May 27th, 2010 No comments

Good news! Obama has announced his administration’s national security strategy. We’re in for a rough ride.

The Obama administration has unveiled a new national security strategy, saying armed conflict should be a last resort when diplomacy is exhausted.

Newsflash: this isn’t a new policy. America’s policy has always been “diplomacy first, war last.” The Democrats’ favorite whipping boy didn’t just decide one day to roll over Iraq. Saddam Hussein spent the decade after the end of the first Gulf War violating the very conditions that ended the war and refusing to comply with U.N. WMD inspections. I probably shouldn’t bother mentioning the latter, as the U.N. is a uselessly corrupt entity, but it only added to the justification of war prompted by the former. Years of diplomacy by the U.S. and other nations had zero effect. War was, in fact, the last and necessary resort.

The document also advocates innovation, economic stability and prosperity as essential to America’s wider security aims.

The left always comes back to economics as the cause of all evil. There is a massive failure to recognize that the leaders and planners—as well as most of the terrorists themselves—of the 9/11 were the product of Saudi Arabian wealth, not poverty. Osama Bin Laden himself is from a very wealthy royal family—the son of privilege, not hardship. The threat of radical Islamic terrorism, which the administration has a wee bit of a problem acknowledging, has nothing whatsoever to do with poverty. “Economic stability and prosperity” are not going to make al Qaeda go away.

“To succeed, we must face the world as it is,” says the document, in what is seen as a formal break from the go-it-alone Bush era.

“The world as it is” is endangered by violent, radical Islam, against which only America and a few of her closest and bravest allies have stood tall. Please face it.

As for “go-it-alone,” the left appears to forget the many nations which joined America in both the Afghan and Iraqi wars, among them some of the best friends and staunchest allies any country could be honored to have. A president who has consistently insulted and mistreated our friends while cozying up to our critics would do well to remember that.

The Obama administration’s new doctrine also reiterates the Obama’s determination to try to engage with countries like Iran and North Korea, but warns that they face deepening isolation if they do not respond to international pressure to come clean on their controversial nuclear programmes.

Translation: he’s going to do a lot of talking and precious little else, while Iran—the world’s largest exporter and supporter of terrorism—forges ahead with its nuclear program. Diplomacy, diplomacy, diplomacy…BOOM!

Other key initiatives outlined in Mr Obama’s strategy include the dismantling of al-Qaeda in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Not new.

The document describes the security of Israel and peaceful Israeli and Palestinian states living side by side as among the main interests of the US.

Not new, though largely contradicted by his shameful treatment of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu.

“We are shifting from mostly direct exercise and application of power to a more sophisticated and difficult mix of indirect power and influence,” America’s top diplomat [Secretary of State Hillary Clinton] said.

Translation: he’s going to do a lot of talking and precious little else, while Iran—the world’s largest exporter and supporter of terrorism—forges ahead with its nuclear program. Diplomacy, diplomacy, diplomacy…BOOM!

In her speech, Mrs Clinton also reiterated that democracy, human rights and development remained central to American foreign policy.

Yes, while we continue to prop up the U.N. with billions of our hard-earned tax dollars while they elect terrorist states and egregious human rights violators to the Human Rights Council.

Earlier, John Brennan, Mr Obama’s counter-terrorism adviser, said the new strategy also explicitly recognised the threat posed by “individuals radicalised here at home”.

“We’ve seen individuals, including US citizens, armed with their US passport, travel easily to terrorist safe havens and return to America, their deadly plans disrupted by co-ordinated intelligence and law enforcement,” Mr Brennan added.

First, anyone who travels to a “terrorist safe haven” for training and indoctrination is not “radicalised here at home.” This is not home-grown terrorism, but evil imported from the radical Islamic world. But you can’t acknowledge that, can you?

Second, the thwarted plans of the most recent terrorists was not “disrupted by co-ordinated intelligence and law enforcement” in any way, shape, or form. Fort Hood? Successful attack by a radical Muslim. The Fruit-of-Kaboom bomber? Couldn’t get his panties to light. Times Square? A fortunate case of incompetence.

Bill Clinton did not mention the domestic terrorism issue in his 1998 strategy, despite the Oklahoma City bombing three years earlier, while George W Bush made only passing reference to the issue in his 2006 document.

That would be because the bombing of the A.P. Murrah Building in Oklahoma City was the act of a lone nutjob. It was a completely isolated event rather than an ongoing existential threat.

In May this year, New York City police defused a car bomb parked in Times Square, one of the city’s busiest tourist areas.

Yes, but only because Shahzad screwed up and bought the wrong ingredients for his bomb.

The truth is that over the past year we’ve been very, very lucky. Hope that luck holds, because Obama’s new strategy is a recipe for disaster.

Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0

May 26th, 2010 No comments

Armed thug invades home. Armed 80-year-old homeowner shoots and kills said thug. The perp probably thought he’d have an easier time of it, not just because of the occupants’ ages, but because…this happened in Chicago, where the homeowner wasn’t supposed to possess the handgun that saved his and his wife’s lives.

No charges have been filed against the homeowner, but Chicago currently has a statute outlawing the possession of handguns. Its legality is currently being decided by the U.S. Supreme Court.

A high-profile Chicago attorney has already stepped forward offering to represent the man pro bono if he faces charges for possessing a weapon.

“Self-defense isn’t just a right, it’s a duty,” said attorney Joel Brodsky. “If this man is prosecuted for saving his own life it’s not just a travesty, it’s justice turned inside out.”

Chicago’s Mayor Daley—and the rest of his gun-grabbing ilk—would rather have two innocent, elderly victims dead than allow them the ability to defend themselves in their own home.

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How can an 89-year-old woman defend herself?

May 14th, 2010 No comments

The UK must be so proud of its ban on private ownership of handguns. How is an 89-year-old woman supposed to defend herself from an attack by a 28-year-old home invader? She can’t. She simply gets raped.

Repeat the leftist mantra: “Handguns are bad. They kill people.” Yeah, whatever. Just be honest about it. You hoplophobes would rather have society suffer atrocities than allow people to protect themselves from animals like this.

Greece: Big Government at its Best

May 3rd, 2010 No comments

The Greek government is broke. No big news there, as it’s been a top international headline for months. Now there are major strikes planned for this week to protest the massive budget cuts required in order to right the sinking Greek ship of state. Who’s striking?

Government employees.

Clue: Government does not create wealth. Government siphons wealth off of its productive citizens and channels that money to people who don’t produce anything tangible. Some provide valuable services, e.g., the military, police, firemen, and (some) teachers. But none of the government’s employees actually produces anything that generates revenue. So, when the government is broke, there are only two options: increase taxes on the citizens who are productive, or cut pay for those who are not. In the case of Greece, there aren’t enough of the former to support the latter. Here in America we are moving all to quickly toward the same situation. There’s a lesson here somewhere.

It’s Time to Ban Hand-Knives

May 3rd, 2010 No comments

A woman stabbed four people at a Target store in LA before an off-duty sheriff’s deputy stopped her. I, for one, am sick and tired of reading stories about people being stabbed by knives. It’s high time we banned private ownership of knives. All knives. They kill people.

The stabbing set off a stampede among customers, authorities said.

Well, duh. California has made it impossible for its residents to legally carry virtually any kind of weapon for self-defense. What do you expect? Of course they’re going to run in panic. Here in AZ, there’d have been at least five people within the next two aisles who’d have stopped her with their concealed handguns before that deputy even showed up.

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Times Square Bomb Suspect Arrested: Not Italian

May 3rd, 2010 No comments

The man who purchased the SUV used in the attempted bombing in New York’s Times Square this weekend was arrested at JFK Airport as he prepared to board a flight to Dubai. He is a naturalized U.S. citizen. His name is:

  1. William O’Henry
  2. Juan Martinez
  3. Cheng Zhu
  4. Faisal Shahzad

If you guessed 1-3 you’re a freaking idiot. There’s a very good reason to use racial/ethnic/national profiling for certain types of law enforcement work and for exercising extra scrutiny when granting immigrant visas. Can’t wait to see all the details on this cretin.

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