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Gun-Free Zone in NM Turns Deadly

July 12th, 2010 No comments

A former employee of Emcore Corporation forced his way past “security” with a handgun and killed two people inside.

[Police Chief Ray] Schultz called the Emcore campus a “very secure facility”

Yep. Very secure.

It wasn’t known how Reza got past security at Emcore Corp.

Um…he had a handgun. I’d bet dollars to donuts the “security”—if it’s like most such corporate mall cops—didn’t. Brilliant idea. Disarm your employees for “safety” and post Paul Blart at the front door. As long as companies can’t be held legally responsible for the safety of their employees when they disallow personal protection, most workplaces will remain safety-free. The notion that they are gun-free would be laughable if it weren’t so often tragic.

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