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Taliban Small Arms

January 31st, 2011 No comments

For those who are interested in small arms and infantry tactics, the “At War” blog on the NY Times’ web site has had some very good articles on the rifles used by the Taliban. The latest entry is no exception, with a fascinating description of a couple Pakistani copies of old British designs.

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Watch out for those expanding glaciers

January 29th, 2011 No comments

Remember just a couple years ago when the U.N.’s IPCC issued a report claiming the Himalayan glaciers were melting—due to man-made global warming, er, “climate change”—and would disappear within a few decades? Well, we already had good reason to believe that was false because the head of the panel—Dr. Rajendra Pachauri—has acknowledged the claim was made based on unchecked research, although

he maintained that global warming was melting the glaciers at “a rapid rate”, threatening floods throughout north India.

Well, hold onto your hats, because even that isn’t true.

Researchers have discovered that contrary to popular belief half of the ice flows in the Karakoram range of the mountains are actually growing rather than shrinking.

You read that correctly. And the research was done by scientists at the University of California—not exactly a hotbed of right-wing conservative climate change skepticism.

“Anthropomorphic global warming” is nothing more than a tactic to throttle private industry and increase governmental (and U.N.) control over the economy. This becomes clearer with each new revelation.

More ObamaCare Waivers

January 29th, 2011 No comments

Why, if ObamaCare is so great, are the very unions that backed it so strongly and cheered its passage applying for and receiving waivers to get out of it?

On Wednesday, the agency [Department of Health and Human Services] quietly updated its online list, which now reveals a whopping total of 729 Obamacare escapees – in addition to four states Massachusetts, New Jersey, Ohio, and Tennessee – who collectively cover 2.1 million enrollees.

Five major unions—the most glaring of which is the SEIU—who contributed heavily to the campaign to pass the monstrosity have obtained waivers for local affiliates. Why?

Without the HHS-approved exemptions, these health providers would have been forced to drop low-cost coverage for seasonal, part-time, and low-wage workers due to skyrocketing premiums. The only way they are keeping their health care is by successfully begging the feds to spare them from Obamacare.

Lovely. You know a law must be great when the same people who pushed it are doing their best not to have to live under it.

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Daily Digest

January 26th, 2011 No comments

Unanswered, at least for now, is the question of what’s best for the child. — Missouri ruling extends legal battle for immigrant’s son

“Their” new baby? Hmmm…how exactly did they conceive the child? — Store reverses decision to hide Elton John magazine cover

Note he fell off the left… (Oh come on. Just a joke. I love his music & hope he recovers quickly.) — Jimmy Buffett Hospitalized After Serious Fall at Sydney Concert  

Cool. Now, do we get to grade the teachers on how well we think they’re doing? — Florida lawmaker wants teachers to grade parents

This will be a hard sell considering that 2 of the top 3 vehicles sold in the U.S. last year were full-size pickup trucks. Americans aren’t going for tiny and efficient. (But when was feasibility a priority for the left?) — Obama’s clean-energy goals have industry questioning feasibility

How’s that border looking, JaNo? — Border authorities arrest controversial Muslim cleric east of San Diego

Brilliant! That ought to stop ’em. — U.S. official says world leaders will press North Korea to give up uranium enrichment

Really? Like when he rammed through ObamaCare without a single Republican vote? — State of the Union: Obama says U.S. acts ‘together, or not at all’

If ObamaCare is so great, why are so many groups being allowed to opt out? — The real snow job in D.C.: Obamacare waivers skyrocket to 729 + 4 states; 4 new SEIU waiver winners

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Daily Digest

January 19th, 2011 No comments

Do Senate Republicans have the will to force a vote on repeal of ObamaCare? Senate rules would allow it. — Repeal of ObamaCare in the Senate — How To Do It

What’s this? A NY Times article on guns absent a litany of snarky comments? Must be snowing down below. — In an Ocean of Firearms, Tucson Is Far Away

Ah, yes. The values we share. You know, the important ones like liberty, freedom of religion and speech, due process,… For the first time in our history we have a president with utter disdain for the values Americans treasure most. — U.S., China pledge cooperation on key issues

But I thought this couldn’t happen in the U.K.…handguns are, after all, illegal there. — CCTV of shopkeeper’s struggle with armed raiders issued

How do you defend yourself from drugged-up groups of thugs? (Hint: a handgun would be handy if it were legal.) — Life terms for teenagers who kicked man to death

Can you even imagine the outcry if a white group covered a statue of MLK during an event to honor Washington? Yes, racism is alive and well, but it’s not coming from the right. — NAACP Draws Complaints for Covering George Washington Statue on Martin Luther King Day

There’s a one-word, simple solution for this problem: deportation. — Welfare Tab for Children of Illegal Immigrants Estimated at $600M in L.A. County

Too obvious to work. — How to Force Cuts: Don’t Give Government Money

Coulter on the media frenzy this week. — Mud Libel

An example of the civilized rhetoric from the left. — House Dem exemplifies New Tone by comparing GOP to Nazis on House floor

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Daily Digest

January 5th, 2011 No comments

Brilliant. After bankrupting the US auto industry, they want to take down foreign makers as well. – UAW Sets a Strategy on Foreign Car Plants

Not holding my breath. – The GOP Opportunity

Nothing quite like rewriting classical literature to meet your own agenda. Besides, students would benefit more from being confronted full-on by the stark racism of Twain’s day. (And they probably listen to rap, anyway.) – Publisher Tinkers With Twain

But we don’t need to maintain defense spending because China’s not an enemy and they never sell technology to rogue nations that want to kill us. Right? – Is China closer than thought to matching U.S. fighter jet prowess?

Yawn. Another “gun-free zone” shooting. Nothing to see here. Move along. – Suspect named in New Mexico hospital shooting

…and another (close to home). – Man Arrested After Shooting, Standoff in Arizona Mall

…and another. – Nebraska Vice Principal Dies After Student Shooting

So who will step up to avoid answering our questions now? – White House spokesman Robert Gibbs to step down

Serious about recovery? – Obama’s Oil War

She certainly hasn’t lost her nerve. – Pelosi: Hey, we were all about deficit reduction!

(from Townhall)

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