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Something’s Missing

July 25th, 2012 No comments

Two white men were attacked by a group of teen thugs in D.C., with one sustaining serious injuries.

I scanned through accounts of the attack in a wide variety of media sites and, curiously enough, could not find a description of the attackers. Given the fact that the police don’t yet have any suspects you might think that a description would be warranted. When I finally found one, I was shocked—SHOCKED, I tell you—to discover the miscreants are minorities (black, in this case, as are the overwhelming majority of violent criminals in D.C.).

When a black teenager was killed by a neighborhood watch cop wannabe, the media labeled him “white Hispanic.” When a Congressman was shot—and bystanders killed—the media tried to paint the murderer as a right-wing nut. When a dozen people were murdered in a theater, the media instantly—and incorrectly—touted a Tea Party link.

Now the same media are quick to note that these latest victims are gay, but don’t find the identities of the perps significant enough to report. To the Left, criminals’ group membership is only relevant if it’s white or conservative.

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